Keeping in line with international standards the number of students in each class is maintained at 30 to provide optimum learning environment for students. The Teacher Student ratio in the school is 1:20. In order to achieve the optimum results maximum strength in the classes is as under :

Nursery                                20 per class

I to V                     30 per class

VI to VIII              30 per class


Teaching Fraternity: We recruit highly competent teachers who are enthusiastic, talented, qualified as per the CBSE norms. Besides academic qualification, teacher with positive approach towards life and passion for education are appointed. Staff is well qualified, talented and as per CBSE norms.


Paced Teaching: Our faculty is trained to pace the teaching according to the abilities of individual students. Fast learners are provided opportunities to either deepen the subject knowledge or develop other talents. Similarly slow learners are provided special classes in specific subjects. Our school program is supported by individual counseling by qualified staff for faster growth of the students. Children with learning difficulties are our special endeavor in the campus.


Value Based Education: Special attention has been accorded to create an environment in the school to develop positive character traits like honesty, respect, discipline, sympathy, among the students. Moral education is an integrated part of school curriculum.


Motivational Speeches: Motivational speeches by reputed citizens are organized regularly, which will not only provide role models for students to follow but will also help them to develop correct moral values and help them to choose right path for the life.


Social Service: To encourage social responsibilities in the students, school organizes various activities which inculcate social service habit in students.


Teacher Guardian: To develop a lifelong relationship between a teacher, student and parents, every student is provided a teacher guardian. Teacher guardian acts as a mentor, guide and confidential for student. They pay regular home visits to students to develop a lifelong relationship with parents and also discuss student’s progress.