Pre Primary (Nursery to UKG)

We offer our students a creative, stimulating and nurturing environment to ensure their academic and personal development. They are encouraged to explore, investigate and relish the intrinsic joy of learning. The teachers shape the curriculum to develop the student’s capacity to observe, experiment, think and question.

At Pre –Primary, we formulate the curriculum according to the basic principles of “Children Development” and “Children’s Learning”. Promoting their varied aspect of development of the young children i.e. Physical and Motor, Language, Cognitive, Socio-emotional and Aesthetic appreciation through latest teaching methodology (Early Childhood Education).


• We are teaching the children based on a comprehensions of activities both Montessori method as well as Play way method.
• A diversified learning environment that provides sufficient learning opportunities facilitates children to develop their “Multiple Intelligence”.
• Foster the holistic development of the young students through play, activities, drama, sports, music, educational trip and meaningful life experiences.
• Nurturing the potential and talent of each child.