About I.B.S. GLOBAL Academy



To provide a learning environment that encourages children to identify the best in themselves and which helps to build and nurture their all round development through discovering the joy of learning, amusing and illuminating their intellect in multi-dimensioal ways.

This in helps them to shine in life and inspire to become just and ethicat.



We recongnise the importance of imparting an educational experience that in every respect prepares children for the world.

We strongly, believe in Indian value system and inculcate that in children.

OUR VALUES AND ATTRIBUTESWe have indentified some key quantities which we feel align with guiding.

  • Cleanliness
  • Commitment
  • Caring / Comparsion
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Self discipline
  • Team Work
  • Trust



( ज्ञानम् परमम् ध्येयम् )

  • That the ultimate goal of education is to cultivate in each student a life long passion for learning.
  • This learning helps the children to dream and achieve excellence.
  • Further inculcate in children values of empathy, compassion and respect towards other and environment.
  • To offer academic environment that supports every child in moral social and physical development.
  • To encourage children to develop the quantities of self discipline positive, self image, Reasourcefulness, team work, spirit of adventure and leadership.
    That each students academic potential is fully realized through a challenging and varied curriculum.
  • That each student academic potential is most realized through challenging curriculum alongwith proper support and guidance.
  • The student learns best is a respectful, supportive, community of trust where each students learning potential is understood and dealt with accordingly.
  • That intellectual growth require not only the acqiustion of knowledge but its application in analytical creatie and expressive ways that makes learning meaningful to the student.